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Nicole (Nikki) Dionne

Hello! My name is Nicole (Nikki) Dionne and I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (License #790) and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (certification # 1-22-60694) located in Greenland, NH. I received my masters degree in counseling from UNH in 2005 and my masters degree in applied behavior analysis with a focus in autism from Ball State University in 2021.  I have been in the field of mental health for over 19 years and believe in the power of a collaborative relationship and the strength of each individual who walks into my office. My goal is to provide a safe space to support you in processing and healing from stressors that occur throughout life. 

I provide services through Telehealth and in person for individuals from early childhood into adulthood.  I specialize in perinatal, prenatal and infant mental health (early intervention) as well as working with a neurodiverse population including autism, ADHD and other intellectual and neurodiverse presentations.  I have experience working with individuals who are struggling with symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and trauma. I use an integrative approach to therapy, using client directed and evidence based interventions.


Why Sweet Birch?

Birch Trees are believed to be one of the first trees to have developed as glaciers receded from land.  They are found in many places across the globe and hold meaning in many different cultures and beliefs.  Birch trees are often used to protect and nurse new plants and trees as they grow.  

After a storm, birch trees are among the first trees to grow back. They symbolize many things including a fresh start and hope for the future. A birch tree can also symbolize healing, adaptability and resilience. 

Sweet Birch in particular is native to North America, and grows mostly in the Northeast.  It is also known as red birch, black birch and cherry birch.  It can also grow in many different types of soil and can be used in oils, syrup and scents.

Since I was a young child, the birch tree has always been my favorite tree.  We had a grouping of birch trees in our back yard and they were a comfort to me for many years. 

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